Enterprise-Ready IPv4

This arose as a bit of a joke that bounced around among several friends and I. I thus present to you, IPv4, if it were Enterprise Ready.

<!DOCTYPE XML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD IP 4.0//EN" "http://tools.ietf.org/dtds/rfc791.dtd">
we can't assume that the DTD will be available to routers, so as a
best-practice, embed the full doctype definition into each packet.
<field type="minimum transmission unit">
id is relative to the packet. Definitions for each byte of a word
must have identical definitions for the word. Inconsistency of word
definition is invalid.
<word endianness="Big32" size="32" id="1">
<bit position="0" value="0">0</bit>
<bit position="1" value="1">1</bit>

It’s extensible! It’s scalable! It’s interoperable! It’s human-readable!

Now we just need to redo this as JSON, and then use JSONx to define the XML representation and then we’ll truly have achieved an Enterprise-Ready networking solution!

Particularly lovely bits of evil (above and beyond the overall evilness) to make note of:

  • The id attribute for word begins at 1.
  • Values of the endianness attribute are capitalized inconsistently from other attributes, and redundantly encode the word length.
  • The sheer needlessness of putting word inside byte, and the complexity that spews forth as a consequence.
  • The redundancy of having bit be a block tag.

silliness 211 words, est. time: 42 seconds.

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